Winning the War for Talent: It All Depends on AI

January 10, 2019 By KOMAL DANGI

While some recruiters and HR pros are concerned that artificial intelligence (AI) is replacing them,

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Cloud computing

Verification With a Klick: Hire Right the First Time!

August 2018 By KOMAL DANGI

Even in today’s talent-driven labor market where job openings outnumber talent supply, job

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Mass recruiting 1024x682

Best Recruting Practices Series-Answering Your Questions

November 2018 By KOMAL DANGI

Last month, I addressed some questions we have received from recruiting professionals who

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Best Recruting Practices - 2018

November 2018 By: KOMAL DANGI

This month, I am going to address some of the burning questions we have received from recruiting

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Tim gouw 79563 unsplash

Synkriom: The One-Stop Shop for Verified Resources

November 2018

Nudged by a competitive job environment, stories of resume inflation are a common occurrence

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Rawpixel 788601 unsplash

New Tech Aims to ID Deceptive Candidates

December 5, 2018 By: Caroline Hroncich

One technology company thinks they may have a way to verify candidates that are lying about

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