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Verification is the
Essence of Veri


You don’t have time to sift through bogus candidates, so neither do we. Thorough screening and vetting of talent is at the core of all we do.

Recruiting Obsessed

We’ve lived the urgent pain of quickly filling positions with the right hire. You deserve better. We’re glad we can help.

Personalized Innovation

We believe hiring and recruitment technology must preserve relationship connections; never detract. No compromises

Completely Invested

You have unique needs. We customize our technology and services to fit those needs. Whatever it takes.

Our Story

The problem new

The Problem

The wrong hire costs companies over 20% of the candidates annual salary.

Other platforms help with recruiting and hiring but were shockingly weak (still are) on verifying candidate resumes, IDs, experience, references, and more.

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VeriKlick's Solution

These problems drove us to assemble a team each having over 20 years experience in recruitment, hiring, and technology development.

Today, we’re proud to have a platform that leads the industry in candidate verification so our clients decrease their cost-per-hire and prevent losses.

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We’re revolutionizing recruiting and hiring technology faster than anyone else and we have the Artificial Intelligence to prove it. Discover how we’re creating better hiring connections across the globe.

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