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VeriKlick provides total talent management with the power of verified resources and vendor pool in a single platform

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Your One-Stop Hiring and Recruting Platform

By combining our proprietary AI and unparalleled access to global candidate data, we can help you quickly identify, contact, verify, and hire the right person—no matter how specialized the position.

And did we mention… all of our tools are completely customizable to your specific needs.

Streamline Candidate Verification

VeriKlick is the only platform to use patented technology with real-time data to verify candidates at every stage of the hiring pipeline to ensure you are interviewing, recruiting, and hiring the right people.

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Find Candidates

AI Powered Search

  • Input simple or specialized position criteria and sit back as qualified candidate options populate in your VeriKlick dashboard
  • Access our unmatched vendor pool of over 400+ technical talent suppliers
  • VeriKlick's intelligent search feature filters and eliminates falsified resumes and bogus candidates
Recruit Candidates

Automated Personalized Outreach

  • Contact and speak to more candidates by using the only dialer system designed specifically for recruiting and hiring
  • Send and receive messages from qualified candidates and easily manage every step of the recruiting pipeline
  • Generate impressive communication reports with play-by-play data from every candidate interaction
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Verify Candidates

Intelligent Candidate Verification with Voice Mapping

  • Verify a candidate’s ID, experience, references and much more
  • Live chat with colleagues about candidates during video interviews
  • Receive real-time candidate verification data with VeriKlick’s biometric technology
Hire Candidates

Scalable Hiring Solutions

  • Who is VeriKlick built for? Independent recruiters, talent suppliers, enterprise companies, and can be customized for everyone in between.
  • Finally, a complete beginning-to-end solution that decreases your cost-per-hire and frees up your time and internal resources

Take Hiring to the Next Level

3 powerful solutions to lead you to the best candidates faster

Employee Recruitment Dialer


The first ever dialer designed for recruiting and hiring

  • Create job criteria based campaigns
  • Completely customizable to your unique needs
  • Detailed campaign reporting
  • Forcast agent occupancy and workload
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Intelligent Candidate Verification


Automate candidate verification and eliminate falsified resumes

  • Search qualified candidates
  • Automate resume filtering
  • Verify employment and experience
  • Secure video interviewing capabilities
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Full-Service Candidate Sourcing


Our hands off recruiting solution — powered by our industry leading talent advisors

  • Hands off, worry free solution for finding the perfect hire
  • Unlimited access and communication with our talent advisors
  • Interview-ready candidates, passed on to your hiring managers
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